Sunday, October 30, 2011

Milestone: She's Circled the Sun!

Amelie, our little friend, has jumped--eyes wide--into her second year of life. She arrived to our island adventure a baby, without distinguishable words, traveling on hands & knees. Before our eyes, she has become a toddler--a child. Ti Ami is forming recognizable words. Uncle Josh swears she formed her first sentence just the other day. She's walking! Had her parents posted the video publicly, this kids' first steps would have gone viral. We laughed, we cried and spontaneous applause followed. Ami did a double fist pump to seal the deal.
Last weekend, we celebrated her first birthday, Caribbean style (read: music, dancing, laughter and sweat). Forgive the appalling lack of photographic evidence for a fiesta that spanned many hours. I prefer to party without camera in hand. Company and dancing were good.

A fellow baby buddy, sweet Ricardi, sits on his beautiful auntie's lap enjoying the festivities.
How does a one-year-old open gifts? With help.
I'll call Grandma Mary right away!
Grandma Miche joined us for the celebration.
Zora: "Holy cow! That's a big piece of cake!" You're one now, Amelie, let me introduce you to fire and refined sugar.
Girl done good.

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