Saturday, October 8, 2011

Local Undergarments

Josh continues to sweat profusely on his way to work. Twice a week, he reports for his duties, drenched in his own excretions, completely nullifying his pre-work shower. He thought perhaps an undershirt would help, though the thought of extra clothing in this heat is almost unbearable. In steps the white tank top (also known by another name which Josh will not allow me to mention here).
We headed down to the store to check out the local underwear scene. Being the hippy Oregonian, bran-muffin loving people we are (really it's just me, but I'm pulling Josh into this one), we opted to buy the local brand, made right here in the DR.
"Josh, look at this," I held up a package of leopard print briefs, "This brand would never survive in the States. I mean, who do we know who would be lured by this name?"
We laughed and did what any self-respecting consumer would do. Put it in our shopping cart.

Yup. My husband is a baby tiger.

Josh is now, officially, a sexy man underneath his clothes.

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