Monday, October 17, 2011

I've Converted

Growing up, there was a chip cupboard in my home. Yes, an entire cupboard dedicated to the storing of a variety of chips from tortilla to blue corn, cheetoes to doritoes. To this day, chips make me think of home and of my father—the closet chip lover. Honestly, I hadn’t seen the immense appeal other than their ease of consumption. Chips, for me, have always been a conduit for whatever it was that I really enjoyed. Until now. I have found, in the Caribbean, the chips that were made for me. I am now a chip lover. These small, delightful chips are pleasing not only to my highly evolved taste buds, but are also beautiful and handcrafted with such precision, I’m amazed with each symphonic crunch.

Plantain chips are muy delicious.

Just look at that craftsmanship!
 Want to make me happy? Get me a bag of these. I'm a simple person.

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