Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Like It When You Call Me Big Hass-A

As mango season is coming to a close here (Martine wipes a tear from her eye), we are still enjoying incredibly large, beautiful avocados. They are a' plentiful. The one I cut up for dinner last night, although not technically of the Hass variety, reached celebrity status in our home. Everyone wanted their picture taken with it (or I surprise attacked Paparazzi-style, either way). As Big Hass-A is no longer, these photos are quite valuable and we expect proper ceremony and reverence when viewing them. Thank you.
Big Hass-A with Max on the night of the sacrifice.
Revealing himself to the world (or me).
Jesse in on the action.
Yes, Big Hass-A was bigger than Amelie. She's not as small as she used to be!

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