Saturday, October 15, 2011

And the Clouds Parted

After meditating on the meeting with my director and all its disturbing points, I had decided a few things. My thought process went something like this:
If the university really expected us to get our cedulas within two short months, surely they would help. If the university had thought about what it will mean for their English department when 1/4 of their staff--the native speaking portion--are forced to leave, surely this would be of immense concern to them. If the university truly wanted us to do this, they would overturn a few policies, like the one that doesn't allow us to miss a single class, so we could make the several weekday trips to the capital that are a necessary part of the process. The list went on in this vain, me retrieving details from the last two months and analyzing them for some kind of connected meaning.
In the end, after a surprisingly calm and short reflection session, I decided one of two things would happen. Either the university would do some back-pedaling and give us some more time, accepting an 'in process' letter instead of the whole shebang or we wouldn't have jobs for next semester. Translation: I continue working happily and I will either have a three-week vacation or a four month respite.
Then I opened my email.

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