Thursday, September 8, 2011

They're Here!

Not the zombies. Our beloved housemates. They've finally arrived. And we feel like we've hit the jackpot. Jesse, Martine and darling Amelie are some of the best people we know. Josh and I are still baffled as to why they agreed to live with us (and perhaps they are too). But the deal is done. There's no turning back--or at least not until August 2012.
Hours before their arrival, Max & Zora could hardly contain themselves. They were inventing unusual dance moves, complicated hip swiveling and head banging while singing to a beat all their own, "Our cousin Amelie. Cousin Amelie. She's comin' tonight. Comin' tonight." Note: We're not technically related.
My excitement kept me up into the next morning. Thirty years old and still making poor decisions. "That's the beauty of adulthood," we frequently tell Max, "you get to make all your own decisions." And then live with the consequences. Now I'm the zombie.
Day two after my self-induced sleep deprivation and I have yet to bounce back. I drank so much coffee this morning (to make it through my work day), my hands shook. My eyelids, however, were still lead weights.
I do have a two-hour lunch break. I wonder if there is a university policy regarding professors sleeping on the outdoor benches.

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