Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Please, Take a ... Hmmm. Floor?

I've been wanting to write you all for some time now to tell you: We have furniture! Unfortunately, that time has yet to come. We are still sitting on the borrowed outdoor, plastic chairs from the Baha'i Center. The floor has also been a popular place to congregate. I like to get in my day's real chair sitting while at work since the chairs are so much nicer there. Pathetic, I hear ya.
It turns out that sitting around and wishing for something doesn't work around these parts. Actively hitting the pavement hasn't resulted in much yet either, though.
Furniture stores, check.
Peoples homes, check (they were actually selling their things, we weren't casin' the joints).
Side of the road, check.
Newspaper, check.
Internet, double check.
Its not that we're particularly picky. Well, only on one point: the price. If we were besties with VISA, we'd be sittin' pretty by now.
We thought we'd found some great sofas on IKEA.com.do last week. They deliver! We pulled out our credit card, ready to buy the discounted white ones (we can dye them!) only to discover that they were actually only couch covers. Oh! So that's why it was such a deal. 
Dominican Craigslist, although useless for much of anything else, is often quite humorous. Most of the items for sale there are actually in cities in the US where Dominicans live: Miami and NYC pop up fairly often. Perhaps these few have decided that it isn't the geographic location the site is referring to, but that it is actually for Dominican people, no matter where they are. I love the idea of that. So, if I want to sell my stuff only to my fellow Salem-ites (yes, I was born there), all I need to do is hop onto Salem Craigslist and there I can find them, all over the world, connecting at our hub on the internet. Cute. But perhaps a bit useless.
Having exhausted other resources, I'm turning to you, dear reader. If you have an in with the furniture gods, please put in a good word for us. We would appreciate it ever so much. My mother is coming to visit next week and I hope to have a place for her to sit down when she arrives.

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