Thursday, September 1, 2011

Heat Tsunami

This ain't no weeny wave. Its hot. Except, I fear that the current weather we're experiencing isn't a fluke. I think its a normal season. We've been told that there are two seasons here: verano (summer) and infierno (hell, which rhymes with invierno, the word for winter). According to these kind informants, we are currently in hell. Welcome.
Allow me to illustrate.
Example One: Yesterday, I was writing on the board in my classroom. Whenever I do this, for the last however many years I've been teaching, the thought always pops into my head, "I hope none of my students are looking at my butt." For the first time that I can recall, I wasn't hoping they weren't looking at my booty. I was hoping they weren't looking at me at all. My entire body was sweating profusely. I'm fairly certain that, for the first time in my life, I had back sweat that soaked through my shirt. A big, sweaty wet spot. On my work shirt. At work.
In an attempt to "modernize" the classrooms, the university has installed air conditioners in several of the classrooms. Part of this process involved removing the overhead fans. Now, if they could just get the AC wired properly. Result? Its just hotter than ever.
Example Two: Josh was hanging wet laundry to dry while I was washing dishes. The kids were running wild. We all stopped, mid-activity when we heard an explosion inside the house.
"What was that?!" Josh ran in, his eyes darting about looking for injured people or crumbling walls.
I pointed to the kitchen cupboards that had flung open, liquid spraying everywhere.
The delivery boy from the local colmado (a small, neighborhood market) told us that if it gets too hot, bottles will explode. Noted. And check out the lid. It started melting down onto itself. I've put many of our things in the fridge since then. Now if only I could fit in there for a short respite...

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