Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Gymnast

The youngest and blondest in her group, Zora is officially a gymnast. Not because she can do anything in particular, but because she has the proper attire. This, as we all know, is of the utmost importance. She enjoys prancing around in her leotard well after gymnastics class pretending to practice with the Olympic team.

Keep your back straight!

Point your toes!

She's so little! Let's see if we can touch her.

Happy. Happy.

Max has Tae Kwon Do tomorrow. Little man has been quite under the weather as of late however. We'll see if he'll be up to it.

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  1. The first year we were in Santiago, we took turns getting sick. It's hard on a body getting used to a new set of bugs (macro AND micro ones). Hope he gets better quickly. Loving reading your adventures! Love you all!