Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fashionista: Making it Work with Less

Sweet Max and 'Lil Zora have been living without a great many things that they were accustomed to in the States. Aside from the occasional "I wish we were in Woodburn" comments, my offspring have adapted surprisingly well to their new surroundings. They've become more creative with their play and are actually opting more for pure imagination than with the toys that we did bring to the island.
Zora, however, has had a hard time with the lack of clothing. We decided to dedicate most of our allotted luggage weight to books when we moved, so we don't have nearly the wardrobes we boasted stateside. This little lady is a clothes-horse. We've had to invent rules specifically for her. Unlike her brother who has to be coaxed into changing his shirt at least once every 24 hours, she enjoys a full outfit change once every 45 minutes or so. Zora rule: You can change once a day. That's it. Otherwise, you have to pay daddy to wash your clothes. Since she is currently unemployed, that rule has worked for now.
The other day, I was pleased to see that she had invented new sandals for herself. She's changing her outfit without creating more laundry. You've got it. Zora is now accessorizing. Check out the tiny fashionista's latest:

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  1. That will go very well with her ballet tu-tu.