Monday, August 8, 2011

We Be Back

Today, the fam is flying back to the US of A. For one week only. We bought our non-refundable tickets in February and Josh was reminded weeks later of a promise he made his grandma in Ohio. "Of course we'll come to your 90th birthday party!" In Columbus. In August. Even if we didn't prioritize family, we ain't about to cross grams.
We decided, since we're going to be making an international trip for a birthday party, we should try and slip in a few more experiences. Bang for the buck, dear reader. Tickets were significantly cheaper flying into Chicago--a mere 7 hour drive from the party. What a deal (thats what I call sarcasmlite, on a diet)! Just happens to be a beautiful Baha'í Temple in the windy city and friends willing to put all four of us up. Thank God for gracious souls.
We're road-tripping it to Columbus, where we will spend the weekend eating cake and passing the time with people we share genes with and happen to adore. Saying goodbye at PDX two weeks ago was easy-peasy. "See you in Columbus!" was all we said to most of our dear ones. I have a nagging feeling that this time I'll need tissue.
DR posts will continue upon our return. Have a wonderful week!

O God, my God! I have set out from my home, holding fast unto the cord of Thy love, and I have committed myself wholly to Thy care and Thy protection. I entreat Thee by Thy power through which Thou didst protect Thy loved ones from the wayward and the perverse, and from every contumacious oppressor, and every wicked doer who hath strayed far from Thee, to keep me safe by Thy bounty and Thy grace. Enable me, then, to return to my home by Thy power and Thy might. Thou art, truly, the Almighty, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting.

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