Thursday, August 18, 2011

Photolog: Midwestern Journey, Columbus Edition

Road trip in a bright red rental.
Welcome to Oh! Truck.

Let the whirlwind begin.
After the 7-hour journey (+ Indiana radio stations can make a trip extra long),
we headed to dinner with the padres.
 Day two at the zoo.
Josh and Susan always have lively discussions. What, exactly, is that primate doing?
 These make me squirm. On the inside.
 Rollin' through the Columbus zoo in style.
 This is our new income plan back on the island. Wouldn't you tip a child more? Genius.
 Exhausted. (The one in the middle is a sweet cousin, not technically ours.)
 Tex-Mex delicious dinner. Thanks, Sam!
 All the girls went for manis & pedis.
 Foot soak well-deserved. Love you, Susan!
 Massage chairs ain't bad.
 Cait thinks its great.
 Ali got all done up and lookin' fine.
In the midwest, apparently fuel is sold by the gallon both for your vehicle and yourself. Speedy Freeze is a kind of iced sugary beverage from what I could gather. I'm still unsure if you have to pump it straight into your gullet or if they offer you some kind of container to then consume at your leisure.
 Back at the home, Kati does Grandma's makeup for the big event.
 She's making an entrance. Happy 90th!
 Party hats were in abundance. For some reason, the many party-going adults
didn't take to them as much as Max did.

It was a wonderfully successful afternoon! Success = happy Grams.
 Last day BBQ. Thanks, Kenny & Chrissi!
 Goodbye, wonderful Grandma!
 Hamster Zora. Photo credit: Max
 Last stop in Columbus: the house that Ed grew up in to offer some prayers.

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  1. Love the pics, Rebecca! And the commentary!