Friday, August 19, 2011

The Hizz-ouse

Josh and I have never rented a house. Ever. We've been quite comfortable with the apartment life; no serious commitment, a culture of closeness and a lack of responsibility on our part have all been major perks. We had a similar deal staying with the 'rents (Thanks, Mom & d!).
Honestly, when it comes to our home, we're total commitment-phobes. We can't seem to decide where to park ourselves for the rest of our lives. We are quite happy, however, to commit to people. Turns out, the promise to stick with people means sticking with other things as well. In this case, only a new country, city and a whole house for at least a year. No biggie.
While we were off gallivanting in the Midwest, our dear friend Ana (who has held our hands through most everything since we arrived here), found us a possible rental. A house. A big house. Gem of a human being, she is.
We went to check the place out this week and took no less than 200 photos and two videos. The owner thought me a bit crazy. I did so, however, knowing that our dear ones yet to arrive would have to make a decision from a distance. That's right, we've decided to live together. You can send all congratulatory "moving in together" gifts to my mother. She'll bring them to the island when she visits next month. You're too sweet.
After hours waiting for pictures to download, upload and then fail, I cut the number down to a couple dozen. Surely they'd get the idea. Here's a taste of what we showed our future housemates:

The front patio and house entrance (It doesn't come with Kelvin in the doorway, though he is single if you're interested in a kind, successful, business-owning Dominican man).
Walking in the front door, the owner begins the tour.
Josh stands, pleased as punch, in the living room.
The windows on the right, back look out onto the back patio and rock garden.
Outside the house is a nice covered area where we'll be able to hang our laundry without it being drenched by the frequent, unpredictable downpours.
The "back yard." Not great for my wild children as I see many scraped knees in our future, however, the owner gave me permission to plant whatever I please.
One of the four bedrooms. Yes, four.
They're all pretty much the same, except one has a bathroom attached to it.
The main throne. There is another included with the "maid's quarters," though quite small and the "quarters" is truly a quarter of a room. That's where you can stay, John. ;)
The front "yard." Lots of mud or a potential garden, methinks.
And, always a popular room in the house, the kitchen. 
Street view.
Notice, dear reader, the lack of appliances. Josh and I will be purchasing those this weekend should the heavens continue to smile on us. We'll also be acquiring places to sit and beds, so when y'all come and visit, we can offer you somewhere to park your rump and lay your head. 
Or maybe we'll just hang hammocks everywhere.

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