Monday, August 1, 2011

Baseball Country

Max & I woke a smidge early to head down to the colmado for some breakfast items. As we walked out our door, Luis called out, "Max! Wanna go to a baseball game?"
Answer: Yes. Yes he does.

In the middle of town, next to the stadium where the semi-pros play, there is a large open area with three ball fields. Los chiquitos, los chicos and los grandes all play in a city league from which several pro-players have been hand-picked by NLB teams in the States. Ooooh, wow. Max & I found a spot in the dirt with the fewest scary critters and parked ourselves. Max sat, boquiabierto*, for most of the time. Leading up to our departure, everyone & their pet Chihuahuas were telling Max how much baseball there is here. He hadn't seen it, they must've lied. Ah, to be six.
Josh & LittleManMax are going back to the fields on Tuesday. We might sign him up.

Max found a friend to play ball with outside our place.
  Dominican-style: find something that looks like a bat. 
Methinks this was part of a window pane at one time.
We had a ball, though true Dominican-style involves a bottle cap.
Still curious why the island churns out such great ball players? A baseball is a huge target for someone who's hit bottle caps with a stick all his life.

Beisbol break. Max & his buddy, Celeste, watch a bit of Spongebob and cool off.


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  1. Glad we got to play catch in Columbus, Max!